We are Engine here to make Tomorrow better than today.



We are driven by the power of the idea of making it easier for individual customers to generate profits on digital marketing, and for start-ups and corporations to minimize the costs associated with it.
Whether it's changing your company's marketing strategy, or perhaps achieving record sales, or developing the right behaviors and building the fundamental behaviors that will help you succeed in the world of promoting your business-it all stems from the same goal: Making a positive change!
We are Engine — to make tomorrow better than today.


A few words about our company

The Engine Group Sponsoring is one of several subdivisions of The Engine Group's digital-only marketing company aimed mainly at individuals. It's a form of monetization based on so-called EPC rates and reduced CPM costs. In simple terms, it consists in increasing the web traffic of ready-made ads, which directly translates into increasing the recognition of just-entered products of well-known brands, as well as existing ones.

Until now, such a way of earning money was reserved mainly for large companies headed by Facebook and Twitter however, the development of technology, as well as its availability has allowed us to be the first on the market to make this world available to individual customers as well. All you need to start cooperation is access to a computer and registration on our website.


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Start working with Engine we provide everything you need to generate profits and drive web traffic which translates into effective efficiency for all marketing campaigns.


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Dear customer, as you yourself have surmised, in any industry, experience is a very important factor supporting the awareness of your business decisions. However, the model of cooperation between our company and the client is based on mutual support and complementarity at every level of potentially made decisions resulting from the same final effects that simultaneously affect us as well as our client. The company has decided not to introduce any subscriptions as part of providing a platform that offers the opportunity to generate revenue from investment in advertising and marketing. We are one of the few companies that has managed to develop a technology that gives the opportunity to monetize profits from digital marketing for the individual investor, not just large corporations or people who choose to popularize their image online. Dear customer, at the same time, we have decided to provide you with fair terms of cooperation, taking our margin from you only at the time of successful investment. This means that the moment the client does not generate a positive return on the investment, the company will not record its revenue on it either. We have a skilled marketing team. Starting from analysts to experts in implementing the right advertising campaign for your target market, who took their first steps in the industry years ago, reaching the rank of expert in the field, so we do not require any experience from you to start your adventure with us. However, keep in mind that the experience you always have will help you make a more informed decision, and if necessary, we will provide you with free training materials, which can be downloaded from our website.
Depending on our client's decision, we select the appropriate business strategy to fit their needs. At the very beginning, we recommend engaging a small financial contribution of €500 for a minimum account. There are several ways to invest in advertising campaigns, and the campaigns themselves can be divided into year-round, periodic and premiere campaigns. Our team will be happy to explain to you the existing dependencies in the amounts of investment in relation to the specific advertising product offered by the company, although the technical department at the time analyzes each campaign individually before providing the opportunity to invest in it, so that each of our offers of cooperation to the client includes a minimum amount of engagement, which is visible in the system through the marketplace available on the platform, where all current and upcoming ongoing advertising campaigns are visible.
In order to protect the customers we work with, the company has decided to open a named sub-account for them under the company's main account in the bank falling within the customer's cooperation market. If the company does not have a branch in the customer's country, but serves the customer's market, a sub-account is opened for the customer at another bank reflecting the legal issues of the customer's country of origin. The safeguard is to protect the deposit of up to €100,000 of each customer's named account from any kind of leakage, removal by theft or any other form of fraudulent practice by the company in the bank serving the market of the customer in the territory of Europe and in some sectors occurring in North America, South America, Asia or Africa. The amount of collateral may vary depending on the continent or country in which the bank serving customer sub-accounts under the main company account occurs. Unfortunately, the risk associated with the very success of the investment implemented by the customer is always on the side of the customer with the exception of forms of the type of investment in the deposit, in which, in addition to securing the deposit itself, the Bank Guarantee Fund also secures the success of the investment implemented.Customer, however, remember that the model of cooperation with the customer by the company, the experience and commitment of our agents, analysts and the rest of the company's staff, the most modern and advanced technology, which allows to estimate the potential rate of return on investment with a minimal margin of error usually amounting to about 2-3% of the difference from the expected generated profit or loss determines the conviction of providing a sense of maximum security on the part of our clients entering into a contract with our company.
We have several divisions divided into teams of several or more people properly prepared and trained experts for the needs of a particular department of the company. The technical department is responsible for the distribution on the web of the banner marketing advertised by our company consisting of cooperation with the google-ads platform based on ordering google to carry out the promotional campaign of a particular banner advertising our contractor and positioning of the start-ups plugged under its banner. Before commissioning and launching any marketing campaign conducted by the company or through it involving an individual investor, the analytical department is required to accurately analyze the popularity of the product advertised in a given market in terms of the area of marketing activities conducted in it by the company, accurate segmentation of Internet users to whom the advertising campaign is targeted. The tasks of this team also include estimating the potential rate of return on the basis of an analysis of the details of the advertising campaign in progress, while basing it on the coefficients of the commission received (EPC), the costs incurred (CPM) and the average interest in the products (CTR) taking into account the average of a potential thousand Internet users. The Engine banners company in the largest part of the investments it makes with its own capital, and cooperation with a potential investor is only an additional area of the scope of its activities, which is why we primarily focus on developing, training and nurturing just this branch of the company, which is an additional buffer of customer confidence in relation to the effectiveness of the analysis of the potential work of a particular advertising campaign, provided by the company.
The registration itself takes up to a few minutes, while after passing the registration process through the platform, the customer will get access to his account registered with his personal information. Subsequently, which he will have to verify with the necessary documents, which must be provided as a scan in the verification/documents tab on the platform. Once the user has been positively verified, the accounting department, on the basis of the declared documents, opens a sub-account for the client under the company's main account. Once the sub-account is opened by the accounting department, the client is given the opportunity to deposit capital in a named account and engage in an investment. The client, by accepting the terms and conditions of the platform, agrees to abide by the rules contained therein. regulations. Register
If Customer A decides to prematurely abandon the sample investment X, he should report such a need to his agent or, through the platform, fill out an application requesting the repurchase of the currently ongoing campaign by Customer B through the company.However, this involves a premature termination of the contract, in which only the amount of the contribution is returned, without the possibly generated profit from the interested investment X to Customer A. After individual consideration, it is also possible to redeem the investment from the company's own funds In such a situation, the company resells the ongoing campaign to customer B, and from the company account orders a payment to customer A as a pledge of capital until the funds are credited to the company account credited with the capital from customer B's repurchase of the campaign.